Beach House, Oxwich

Brand and website for Beach House Oxwich restaurant

With the aim of achieving a high dining experience, the Beach House restaurant came to us with the brief of creating a brand that is not only eye-catching and modern, but something a little different that they could bring to Oxwich Bay.

Andy, Catharine, Jordan, Gareth and Geraint are an invaluable extended part of our team and we really wouldn’t be succeeding without them. Every good business needs an Andy & Co by their side!
Neil Kedward

Alongside the brand and website design, Monddi also created the printed stationery for a wide range of marketed package for the Oxwich restaurant. From corporate brochures and restaurant menus to local event flyers, we were trusted to maintain the Beach Houses' strong brand and clear strategy across the board. Working closely with the team at the Beach House, Monddi meets their needs in what is a very busy, competitive marketplace.