Dyffryn Fernant Identity

Dyffryn Fernant

Brand, print and website design and development

Our brand development explores the relationship between the mark and logotype – retaining a balance between formality of type composition and the more natural curve structure of the fern mark. There is a natural symmetry to the mark which sits very well with and without the logotype and renders at a very small scale.
Dyffryn Fernant Logo Design
Monddi have devised a stylish branding for Dyffryn Fernant Garden that has exceeded all my expectations and expresses exactly what I wanted. They have also created the website of my dreams. It is clear, concise, clean, visually beautiful and easy to navigate. The technological expertise is perfect too. Compliments have been pouring in since we went live. Bookings are up already. This is a site that is immediately helping the progression of the garden, and will prove invaluable in the future. It is difficult to overstate what a joy it has been to work with Monddi, from start to finish. I am looking forward to further design and print projects with Monddi for Dyffryn Fernant Garden.
Christina Shand

The chosen font has a history in the book typesetting tradition. The mixed weight of its form sits well with the unique mark and has a further connection to the living, growing, nature of the garden. Fern – Native Oak Fern – Chosen to mimic the monolith. Triangular structure, multiple directions – a sense of looking outwards / onwards, a softened formality, light hearted and aspirational yet maintaining a refined and textural feel.

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Dyffryn Fernant Identity