Pembrokeshire Coastal Forum

Pembrokeshire Outdoor Charter Group

"Established in 2000, Pembrokeshire Coastal Forum (PCF) has sustainable development of the coast at its core and with that aim originates, manages and delivers marine related projects for the community, public, private and third sectors."

It has been a pleasure working alongside the Pembrokeshire Coastal Forum group. Applying the design skills of Monddi to the wonderful local knowledge of the coastal wildlife information, has allowed for people of all ages and abilities to gain a greater understanding. 

We wish to continue this bespoke support of coastal collaboration for all project types.

The leaflets have arrived, and even with a fine tooth comb not a single error! They look great too. Thanks also for the pdf embedded with the websites. It will be pride of place on the POC website by the end of the day today all going well. I’m always really pleased with the patience and high standards of work from you all at Monddi, Nice doing business wit’ya…
Tom Luddington