Clever Box

A concise, modern, and fully responsive web interface

Clever Box is a small, energetic and creative company delivering unique, high quality shipping container conversions. They can create restaurants, home offices, and much more - all of which look simply spectacular.

As a very creative and forward-thinking brand, they needed a website that echoed this and came to us at Monddi wanting a fully responsive website to showcase their portfolio of current and previous projects, and also concepts for the future.

We delivered a modern and easy-to-use interface, specifically designed so navigation would be as streamlined as possible whether the visitor is on desktop, tablet, or mobile.
Click here to visit the Clever Box website


Re-brand for the award winning luxury county house Hotel

The original hyphen in the brand name was removed and replaced with negative space which was reshaped to create a hidden but direct link to the product. It strikes a balance between being both subtle and obvious. With qualities relating to its heritage but moving forward into a brand which can hold its own in the modern marketplace.

Alongside this Monddi also designs and print a wide ranging marketing package for the local boutique hotel. From corporate brochures and restaurant menus to local event flyers, we’re trusted to maintain the Grove’s strong brand and clear strategy across the board. Working closely with the team at the Grove, Monddi meets their needs in what is a very busy, competitive marketplace.

Beach House, Oxwich

Brand and website for Beach House Oxwich restaurant

With the aim of achieving a high dining experience, the Beach House restaurant came to us with the brief of creating a brand that is not only eye-catching and modern, but something a little different that they could bring to Oxwich Bay.

Andy, Catharine, Jordan, Gareth and Geraint are an invaluable extended part of our team and we really wouldn’t be succeeding without them. Every good business needs an Andy & Co by their side!
Neil Kedward

Alongside the brand and website design, Monddi also created the printed stationery for a wide range of marketed package for the Oxwich restaurant. From corporate brochures and restaurant menus to local event flyers, we were trusted to maintain the Beach Houses' strong brand and clear strategy across the board. Working closely with the team at the Beach House, Monddi meets their needs in what is a very busy, competitive marketplace.

Aberglasney House & Gardens

One of the finest gardens in Wales

Monddi have been given the great opportunity to work with Aberglasney, to create the next stage of online visual identification, setting out a coherent design style to be conveyed consistently across all printed and online media. 

The new website benefits from an integrated e-commerce system, e-ticketing functionality and booking facility for the cottages with a built in content management system which importantly allows greater control for Aberglasney’s in-house team to maintain.

Focus points have been tourists, families, learning opportunities, events, weddings and the onsite holiday accommodation. The new fully responsive mobile friendly Aberglasney website will aid the marketing strategy within these sectors, driving and tracking commercial results from new visitors with considered SEO, analytical data and creative presentation.

Coast Restaurant

Award winning restaurant at Coppet Hall, Saundersfoot

Coast approached Monddi to create a brand scheme which would aid in positioning the new venture Coast, as a premier destination restaurant in Pembrokeshire. The aim of the new mark was to have broad appeal but firmly place Coast as a destination restaurant through considered design.
The logo mark sits ‘coast’ on the waterline or proudly mounted on the dunes. Cropping the baseline reveals break points which mimic the small rocks triangular rocks which emerge from the sand along the beach at Coppet Hall.
In a short time, Andy, Catherine and their fabulous team of professionals have become a invaluable part of our business. Their hard work, creativity and patience are now a key ingredient to ensuring our business is successful.
Neil Kedward
Coast Restaurant Sign Design
Coast Restaurant Logo Design
Promotional Design for Coast
Coast Restaurant Website Design
Coast Menu Offer Designs

Ty Llwyd

Right feel to attract visitors

Ty Llwyd Bed and Breakfast located in Pembrokeshire, west Wales wanted a bespoke, individually designed website that would set it apart from it’s competition. Colour rich photography taken by us at Monddi ensured that the website and future marketing material had the right feel to attract visitors to Ty Llwyd.

WOW!!! Is all I can say…You’ve all done such a brilliant job… we’re so pleased with it, thanks very much for the work you’ve done…!
Paula Jenkins

The website structure and style were designed to appeal to the widest tourist audience, looking for a peaceful, rural retreat in the beautiful Pembrokeshire landscape.

Creating a personal welcoming feel for Ty Llwyd was the main objective, this is demonstrated by the intimate narrative 'voice' on the website putting the audience at ease.

Website Design

From Design to Build

When a new visitor lands on your website, how long before that first impression forms? Five minutes? Ten minutes? No. In truth a new visitor to your site will probably give you little more than the time it has taken to read this far.

That’s why a well-designed website is vital for forward-thinking business. When we create websites, every aspect– from the fonts and colours, to the pictures and layout – is tailored exactly to your needs and the needs of your customers. When people click on your website, we want them to stay and come back time and again.

Dyffryn Fernant

Brand, print and website design and development

Our brand development explores the relationship between the mark and logotype – retaining a balance between formality of type composition and the more natural curve structure of the fern mark. There is a natural symmetry to the mark which sits very well with and without the logotype and renders at a very small scale.
Dyffryn Fernant Logo Design
Monddi have devised a stylish branding for Dyffryn Fernant Garden that has exceeded all my expectations and expresses exactly what I wanted. They have also created the website of my dreams. It is clear, concise, clean, visually beautiful and easy to navigate. The technological expertise is perfect too. Compliments have been pouring in since we went live. Bookings are up already. This is a site that is immediately helping the progression of the garden, and will prove invaluable in the future. It is difficult to overstate what a joy it has been to work with Monddi, from start to finish. I am looking forward to further design and print projects with Monddi for Dyffryn Fernant Garden.
Christina Shand

The chosen font has a history in the book typesetting tradition. The mixed weight of its form sits well with the unique mark and has a further connection to the living, growing, nature of the garden. Fern – Native Oak Fern – Chosen to mimic the monolith. Triangular structure, multiple directions – a sense of looking outwards / onwards, a softened formality, light hearted and aspirational yet maintaining a refined and textural feel.

Dyffryn Fernant Website
Dyffryn Fernant Illustrated Map
Dyffryn Fernant Photography
Dyffryn Fernant Identity

Cresselly House

Relax in luxury, surrounded by history...

This wonderful old country house located in the heart of unspoilt Pembrokeshire approached Monddi with the intention of creating a website that could be used as a marketing tool increasing visitors. Monddi decided to design and develop the website for Cresselly House with the purpose of it being easy to navigate, a great source of information for the visitors and also beautiful to look at. 

With traditional furnished bedrooms, over 300 years of ancestral history, a beautiful drawing room with delicate 1769 plastered ceiling, an impressive entrance hall and breath-taking views surrounding the house - it made complete sense to allow the photos to do all the explaining for this website.

Charthouse Marine

Professional look and tone

This marine based consultancy wanted a refreshed the brand identity giving a professional look and tone. Changing colour palette, font and mark has given the business a fresh and contemporary feel. The blue and orange colour contrast gives the brand diversity.

I think Monddi have done a great job, both with the initial re-branding and the web site design. The final product is exactly what I was hoping for and suits the company profile well.
Steve Davie
The mobile friendly, fully responsive website for Charthouse Marine reflects the professional status and experience of this Pembrokeshire based business. The ‘Projects’ page uses an interactive world map to organise the work carried out by the consultancy, locally and internationally.
Large feature photography helps support the information points throughout the site and sliders have been used at the heading of each page to convey more about the project related work.

Heywood Spa Hotel

Heywood Spa Hotel

Initial thoughts covered the connection between the multiple service offers and an adaptable brand scheme which incorporated the services and themes of the hotel. Focus points were the additional service offerings - Brasserie / Spa & Leisure / Salon which aim to provide the Heywood brand with USP. The areas would capture the imagination of the guests and non-residents.

Thank you all for the huge amount of time and effort that you’ve put into the creativity, design & development of our website, delivering our brief on time and within budget with a fantastic end result.
Claire & Peter Nutty
The font style chosen for The Heywood Spa Hotel is both confident and established. Uniquely personal to the hotel and flexible throughout the choice of services. Alongside the font style we designed a masthead motif of three interwoven letters, based on the Heywood Spa Hotel initials.
The multiple service offerings are conveyed through their own unique versions of the masthead motif which helps to relate them to the main brand. The brand work we have covered on this project includes the unique logo-mark, website and printed materials.

Sian O’Doherty Textiles

E-Commerce Website Design & Development

Award winning textile artist and designer Sian O'Doherty wanted a brand identity that expresses the handmade and creative approach to her work. Stripping back of any unnecessary make up and keeping with a raw, simple and natural quality throughout Monddi have created a mark that is both versatile, subtle and still maintaining a level of high-end design.
Needing to work across a range of different products, the brand identity was manipulated in a creative way reflecting a customised and personal feel whilst also given depth through fluidity of the marks. By adding splashes of colour gives quirkiness to the brand and maintains a sense of high-end professional textile design.

I am so pleased with the website and branding Monddi designed for me - it is everything I was hoping for and more. I highly recommend Monddi to everyone. Thank you for all the work you've done and the support you have given throughout the process. I am looking forward to working with you again in the future!
Sian O'Doherty
Alongside the brand identity, we also developed a fully responsive website and e-commerce shop, which was designed to reflect the clients work aesthetic and target market.

Monk Haven

Creating a classic, contemporary brand

With echoes of this fine country houses' architecture within the brand mark, we successfully captured the outstanding quality of this high end accommodation with a strong, simple brand identity able to work well across various media and marketing material. An integral part of the design brief was to develop a website, including an on-line booking system and to showcase what Monk Haven Manor and the surrounding area has to offer.

Tenby Museum & Art Gallery

Branding, print and website design and development

Following the client brief of an easy to navigate site with clean, clear design layouts. Monddi created page layouts which help the visitor to be directed to their particular chosen section of interest. Strong colour coding, illustrations and graphics were used to differentiate between the galleries. The site appeals to a very wide public sector – from young families visiting Tenby in the summer to serious art collectors.

We have been using Monddi’s design and printing services for a number of years and they are first class. Their imagination and design skills are always excellent and they are a pleasure to work with. They have undertaken a variety of tasks for us, from display panels to posters and invitations to exhibitions and all their work is of a professional and high standard. We highly recommend them!
Mark Lewis
Tenby Museum & Art Galley Leaflet

Robert Pugh

Website design and build for an Antiques and Welsh Pottery expert

Robert Pugh Antiques required a website which conveyed their level of professionalism and expertise to a discerning marketplace. The website is built to be simple to navigate and uses responsive techniques to re-flow over different screen sizes. There is a content management system giving full control for our clients to manage their own website.

After more than thirty years steeped in the 18th & 19th centuries, Robert Pugh Antiques was taken gently by the hand with Cath and Gareth leading us painlessly into 21st century technology with great professionalism and understanding of our particular needs. Our tuition was exactly what we needed to give us the confidence to take this exciting new step in our business.
Robert Pugh


Refreshed brand mark & e-commerce cms website

The Monddi team worked with Capestone to design and produce a refreshed brand mark, along with an e-commerce website with content management system.

We were briefed to create a refreshed brand mark and website which had the following core values: Heritage, Location, Environmentally aware, Sustainable, Traditional, Professional, Provenance, Quality, Artisan, Ethical and Personal.

The team at Monddi are creative, driven, professional and deadline focussed. Understanding the people and the story behind the brand is key for Monddi. They captured the personality of our brand down to the last detail.
Emily Davies

We are extremely happy with the outcome of this project which perfumes well with good results. The attention to detail from the Capestone team and the quality of the photography really complements the website design and refreshes the brand as a whole for the future.


Cefnllan Farm Branding

Free range poultry producer and supplier Cefnllan had no previous branding experience.  They asked Monddi to create a brand mark that would launch Cefnllan into the marketplace as a traditional, family run business that would appeal to existing customers and gain valuable new ones. Monddi created a mark based around the Cefnllan farmhouse amongst the rolling Welsh countryside, using a traditional woodcut style to enhance it’s sense of place and provenance of its produce.

Cefnllan Logo Design

Evan Pritchard Contractors

CMS Website Design and Development

The website development for Evan Pritchard was decided from the outset to be clear and user-friendly. Using their minimal brand colour palette, we developed an easy to navigate responsive website for all users, on any device visiting the website.

The importance was placed on the project and service areas as Evan Pritchard want to highlight the available skills their company offers to the visitors of the website. It was a pleasure to have the opportunity to work alongside Evan Pritchard in producing this CMS website.

The website looks cracking and we are very happy with it as a whole.
Mathew Pritchard

Natasha Embleton

Simple sans serif font with shape clean lines

The typographic monogram motif concept Monddi created, compliments the name of the brand. Utilising a strong yet neutral colourway that will convey a sense of trust but also be responsive of a modern contemporary business.

Exploring forms based on a traditional abacus, using the dots as a device to form other shapes within the brand mark. The idea was that the letters can be formed by the subtle use of shading within the dots. Joining together of the letter N with the abacus theme to create a brand mark, still recognisable as the letter N but also has a positive note as can be interpreted as an arrow head moving forward.

I’m absolutely delighted with the brand and stationery that Monddi have created for my practice - they instinctively understood what I wanted and turned my vague ideas into a clean and professional design which completely exceeded my expectations. To say that I’m happy with their work is an understatement! I’m looking forward to working with them again on future projects and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend their services to anyone looking for a professional, highly skilled and efficient team of designers. Thank you Monddi!