Welsh Hills Bakery | Lovemore

"From the heart of the hills"

Our project work began with the refreshed logo design for the Welsh Hills Bakery and the copywriting for the accompanying tagline “From the heart of the hills”

We set a type style which is representative of an attentive company who keep a watchful eye on the product process throughout its production. Signed by hand or putting a name to the product.

The refreshed Lovemore brand needed a revamped logo-mark and packaging style for new marketplace venture. Monddi identified a similar relationship between the graphic hills of Welsh Hills Bakery and the heart of Lovemore which has been refreshed to make the synergy between the company and product closer, enhancing and strengthening the brand as a whole. This in turn helps the consumer to identify with the products.

We are very pleased with the designs and enjoyed working with you to get the results we needed.
Grant Hewison
We added depth to the Heart through the use of in-house product photography. The heart is made up of two parts which represent that there are two pieces to the product and could even be shared. The repositioning the heart icon in the logo intends to send out the message that there is ‘more’ love in the product. It also makes ‘love’ easier to read. The new logo mark has a more versatile colour palette which can adapt to the product type and surface application. The palette uses bright colours which display a level of confidence in the brand products.