At Monddi, we take looking after our planet seriously. Read below to explore the different ways in which we do this each and every day.


We recycle whenever we can. We are a company that addresses sustainability with every project we complete. We show our clients that we consider sustainability an everyday part of our (and hopefully their) requirements, all the while supporting commercial growth. Sustainability is no longer just a moral argument but an economic one.


We encourage the use of 100% recycled paper and paper from sustainable forests (FSC). We also encourage our clients to see beyond just a logo and a snappy strapline. It is about the core of a brand and how it accurately communicates its values to the consumer. Being seen as a sustainable company not only raises the profile for your brand but it can also save you money.


Our sustainability policy encompasses all aspects of our business. For example, our online presence is powered by 1&1 Green Hosting. It supplies its European data centres with electrical power from renewable resources like wind, water, or solar energy.


We use eco-friendly printing inks, recycled paper and also print digitally. Each year we work to reduce our impact on the environment by setting ourselves objectives. We continually strive to find wiser ways to design and print, while promoting a collective lifestyle change for us all.


We think before we travel. We´re ideas people who, for every brief we work on with the client´s requirements, are always aware of the sustainable solutions to the project in hand. We think sustainability should now be seen as an integral part of innovative design and print.

Endorse & Commit

We endorse and commit to Pembrokeshire County Council’s Paper, Board and Food Waste Recycling Schemes. We comply with environmental legislation and are committed to preventing pollution and continual improvement of environmental issues. We are specifically committed to reducing energy use in our offices.