A Beginner’s Guide to PANTONE

Pantone was the first, and is now THE industry standard colour matching system. It’s a worldwide language when it comes to colour. The system gives every shade and tone of colour its own unique alphanumeric reference.

The most commonly referenced colours are in the Pantone Solids palette. The Pantone Solids palette consists of 1,341 colours, identified by three or four digit numbers, followed by a C or U suffix.

Originally designed for the graphics industry, it was known as the Pantone Matching System, or the 'PMS' system. Its goal was to allow designers to 'colour match' specific colours when a design entered production.

By standardising the colours, different printers and manufacturers in different locations can all reference a Pantone numbered colour, making sure colours match without direct contact with one another, regardless of the equipment used to produce the colour.

In January 2003, the Scottish Parliament debated a petition to refer to the blue in the Scottish flag as ‘Pantone 300’. Countries including Canada and South Korea and organisations such as the FIA (the governing body of motorsport) have also chosen to refer to specific Pantone colours that should be used when producing their flags. Pantone has also been used in an art project by Brazilian photographer Angelica Dass in which she applies Pantone to the human skin colour spectrum.

Various formats are available for viewing Pantone colour swatches including fan guides and books. When defining brands, new and established, at Monddi we refer to these colour books to make specific colours and provide consistency across the range of business materials you require.

For more about the Pantone system of colours and future trends check-out their website.

Our PANTONE Inspired Leaflet

The diversity of Monddi’s design led services are reflected by the variety of inspirational clients we have in Pembrokeshire and throughout Wales. Our most recent hand-out brochure reflects this diversity. Inspired by the PANTONE colour books we use every day in our studios, we’ve collated our client list into a colour chart.


We can offer valuable advice from our colour experience but in the meantime you could check out the all new Pantone Studio App - a useful and fun way to capture your world in Pantone colour.