The Masterclass Colour Palette, White

White is not really a colour but a neutral or a colour without hue, an achromatic colour. It is an inherently positive colour associated with light, purity and innocence as well as safety and cleanliness. To the human eye white is bright and brilliant and it’s the most commonly used colour in interior design. White can be teamed with strong, bold colour ranges for a clean contrast as we’ve done with our own branding at Monddi, paring white with orange, grey and turquoise blue.

Choosing the right white is however important, the most popular and ‘easiest’ white is a warmer shade with a hint of grey or beige. Throughout the Monddi website you’ll see many examples which demonstrate our expertise when it comes to the use of colour and great design. We’ll help you to carefully choose colours that will launch or reinvigorate your brand.

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