The story

‘Brybeque’ barbeque sauce was born as a result of Huw Bryant’s passion to satisfy his craving for the perfect BBQ sauce.

In 2009 Huw was an exchange student at the University of Rio Grande, Ohio and here he discovered the real American BBQ Sauce.

The idea

On returning to the UK he couldn’t find anything to compare with what he’d tasted in America and so turned to the kitchen to experiment with different recipes and combinations.

Finally, one day in 2015 he tasted the sauce that was bubbling away in the saucepan, and said, “Wow!” Friends and colleagues shared Huw and partner Gwennan’s enthusiasm for the sauce and within weeks they had sold their first batch.

The result

Monddi were commissioned to develop our clients ideas into a finished labelling system for this new and exciting product.

Original artwork supplied by the clients and refreshed as part of the process of developing and new colour and layout system which complements the rich sauce that fills each bottle.

The logotype was refined and the key letters BBQ were emphasised as well as a new composition between logotype and the sketch of Huw.