Penlon Brewery

We envisaged the refreshed brand identity to be distinctive and handcrafted with a contemporary style. The font retains some of the original’s qualities but is much bolder render. The hand crafted feel comes from the slab-serif font without being quirky and unreadable. Supporting the main logo font with a classic sans-serif font which aids readability at small scale, this is an important consideration for branded labelling.

The original Penlon brand identity used calligraphic qualities to add character to the new slab-serif base. The brand values and key customer benefits identified with Penlon Brewery are the family run ethics, local and high quality local natural ingredients and provenance.

The original hyphen in the brand name was removed and replaced with negative space which was reshaped to create a hidden but direct link to the product. It strikes a balance between being both subtle and obvious. With qualities relating to its heritage but moving forward into a brand which can hold its own in the modern marketplace.