Tir a Môr

We were approached by Tir a Môr with regards to the design and print production of their upcoming voucher book for restaurants and activities around Pembrokeshire. The project was to include creation of a brand identity along with a modern, visually appealing website in order to further market the book to consumers and businesses, and to enable the voucher book to be purchased online.

Translating as ‘land and sea’, this brand identity uses natural colours for the coastal environment, building trust in a distinctive and modern way. The word-mark combines the three names to together with the central ‘A’ representing a floating bridge. It’s scalable from small to large with clarity.

The website has been designed with the focus on marketing the book to local businesses who wish to appear in the book, and also for consumers to purchase the book. A bespoke responsive mobile/tablet-friendly CMS design was created for the website, along with creation/editing capabilities specifically developed for the various sections of the website; creating an easy-to-use, intuitive back-end for the ongoing addition of content, and a visually-appealing front-end for the user.

Images of Pembrokeshire's beautiful landscapes, various activities and restaurants are placed throughout the website to reinforce what the book is about and explain what can be expected from using the vouchers. Although the voucher book itself is still in production - it is due to launch December 2017 - visitors to the website can register their interest with their email address via an enquiry form, and will be notified once the book is available for purchase online. Payment gateway integration will be introduced once the final stage of the book's production has begun.